Vehicle Accident Checklist

What to do after a car wreck for diminished value

Do you know what you need to ask for when you get in an accident? Because we’re usually not expecting to be in a car accident, we can be taken by surprise when it happens. Most of us remember that we need to exchange phone numbers and insurance information with the other driver, but we […]

Diminished Value on a Salvage Title

Airbags deployed - Diminished Value

A salvage titled vehicle is a vehicle that has been declared a total loss on an insurance claim due to a wreck or theft. In Texas it is possible to buy and drive a vehicle with a salvage or rebuilt title so long as the car has been inspected by the Department of Motor Vehicles […]

Diminished Value | A Hidden, Recoverable Insurance Claim

Diminished Value Links - Digital Car

Article written by Expert Appraisal Group owner, Theron Williams, for the Escapees RV Club. The Escapees RV Club is a nationwide RV community based in Livingston, Texas. Prerequisites to Qualify for Diminished Value1. You must not be at fault in the accident and seek diminished value under the responsible parties’ insurance carrier. 2. You can […]

Six Things That Will Hurt the Value of Your Diminished Value Claim

Claim your diminished value after a front end wreck

Here are 6 Things that will hurt the value of your Diminished Value Claim: Technically, every car has a market value, even older cars in poor condition can be sold for something. In practice, the insurance companies do not see it that way for diminished value claims. Most insurance companies will put up a big fight […]

What is Diminished Value?

Reclaim your diminished value after an accident

In its pure form, diminished value is the difference between what your car would sell for the day after repairs are completed and what the car would have sold for the same day if it had never been in an accident and required repair. In other words, it is the lost value simply for the […]