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With Expert Appraisal Group (EAG) you gain a knowledge base that goes beyond diminished value to include insurance adjusting, vehicle appraisals, and vehicle repair operations. We have the certifications and over 15 years experience you need for accurate vehicle appraisals after your automobile accidents and maximum diminished value for your vehicle.

About the Owner

Theron Williams - Owner of Expert Appraisal Group

Theron Williams, Owner

Theron Williams is a licensed property and casualty insurance adjuster and has extensive experience evaluating and estimating damage to vehicles caused by accidents, hail, flood, and fire. Between 2008 and 2015, while working at one of the largest insurance carriers in the country, he developed, implemented, and managed their diminished value unit. The unit grew to a distributed team covering strategic areas of the country. During this time, they handled over 10,000 claims and became the foremost authority on diminished value in the United States. With countless hours dedicated to learning about cars, Theron developed a vast knowledge of the history of automobiles and calculating fair market value of just about any vehicle. He extended this knowledge and experience to include RV’s, boats, and motorcycles. After college, Theron worked at a major automotive parts supplier as a sales representative, before joining insurance claims in 1995 where he handled thousands of auto damage and total loss claims as an adjuster and supervisor. He is an avid automotive enthusiast and maintains knowledge of current market conditions and trends. He graduated from Lamar University in 1993 with a B.B.A in Business Marketing.

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