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Please read through our FAQ section prior to submitting a request for a Diminished Value Report or scroll to the bottom of this page to be taken to the submission form.

The sudden reduction in a vehicle’s retail value as a result of a collision loss. Also referred to as accelerated depreciation.

Absolutely. This type of damage is extensively supported by case law in almost every state.

As a vehicle ages and miles accrue, natural depreciation occurs. Therefore, an older, high mileage vehicle’s value may not be negatively impacted after a collision loss. Every loss is different.

The owner of the vehicle that was NOT at fault in a collision may pursue the claim through the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. In some states a vehicle owner can pursue a diminished value claim under their own policy when they use their Uninsured/Under insured motorist coverages. In some states every loss is eligible( regardless of fault) and can be pursued (Georgia)Note: if your vehicle is leased, special rules may apply.

There are two basic forms of DV: 

Inherent: this is what we evaluate. It is the simply the stigma associated with a vehicle after a loss and assumes all repairs have been completed to industry standards. 

Repair related: this occurs when repairs are not completed to industry standards. This should be addressed with your repair facility.

Diminished value is calculated on a number of factors which include Year, Make, Model, Mileage, Condition, Estimate of Repair, Type of damages and any prior losses on the vehicle. Our company uses a committee approach which evaluates the total claim with our over 35 years of experience and determines how much approximate diminished value your vehicle has sustained.

Diminished value cannot be accurately calculated by applying a simple arbitrary formula. Each vehicle and collision loss is different.
Note: Contrary to what many appraisal companies state, there are NO “legally approved” or “accepted” formulas for Diminished Value.

NO. Matter of fact, we recommend not selling the vehicle until the diminished value claim has been settled.

No. However, we do highly recommend the vehicle is repaired. This is the only way to accurately ensure that all damage is captured and documented.

Not necessarily. It depends on many factors (how significant was the prior loss, how long before the current loss, what area was the damage). We have the experience take this under consideration when evaluating your current loss.

This is determined by state specific statute of limitations. In Texas, if the at fault parties insurance carrier will be addressing the diminished value claim, the owner has 2 years from the loss date to file a claim. If the owner is filing under their own uninsured or under insured coverage, they have 4 years from the loss date to file a diminished value claim.

We will certainly assist you in any way we can, however, most insurance companies will only discuss claim specifics with the owner of the vehicle or their legal representative.

It is important to realize that every insurance company approaches these claims differently. Some feel this type of loss should be settled through negotiation, others will promptly pay once they receive a fair and professionally prepared Diminished Value report.

Based on our extensive experience working for and with insurance companies, this should be the avenue of last resort. Reputable insurance companies are open to honest discussions and negotiations.DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.

We are based in Texas, however, we have extensive experience evaluating this type of damage in almost all states. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Why Choose EAG?

With Expert Appraisal Group you gain a knowledge base that goes beyond diminished value to include insurance adjusting, vehicle appraisals, and vehicle repair operations. We have the certifications and experience you need for accurate vehicle appraisals after your automobile accidents and maximum diminished value for your vehicle.

The industry-recognized Platinum designation is given to collision repair professionals who achieve and maintain high levels of role-relevant training that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs. Training to Platinum keeps professionals current on vehicle technology, improves their job performance and assists their career development.

Our appraisers are Licensed Adjusters in the great state of Texas.

Theron has over 20 years experience working in the insurance industry.

We know how body shops operate. 

We understand the limitation of what frame straightening can actually do and the inherent value lost from an accident.

We understand the Automotive Repair industry even down to the finishing touches.

We appreciate your service! If you are a Veteran, be sure to let us know when filling out our form. Provide us with your service branch, rank, and date of separation for our Veteran rates.

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